Non-refundable deposit of either $50 or 30% whichever is greater is required upon booking or within 3 days of booking.
- Paid by either Visa/Mastercard.

Bonds - required at the discretion of management
- Refundable Bond of $200 maybe required to cover all breakages/damaged items and cleaning fee.

If the items are returned broken, missing and/or damaged a replacement fee will be deducted from this bond and returned to the hirer.

If the bond doesnt cover the cost of the replacement items then the hirer will be charged the balance of full replacement cost.

If the items are returned dirty (i.e. not washed, food/drink/lipstick residue etc) then a cleaning fee will be deducted from the bond or charged separately to the hirer.

If the Hirer cancels the Agreement prior to the commencement of the stated delivery date, then the Company reserves the right to charge FULL BALANCE OWING on the tax invoice or as stated below:

·         More than 30 days notice - no charge except for the Non-refundable deposit

·         30 days to 21 days, a service fee may be applicable

·         21 days to 7 days, 50% of the hire total;

·         7 days' notice up to and including the date of hire, 100% of the hire charge will be payable via Visa/MasterCard - NO EXCEPTIONS

In the event of cancellation with less than 7 days' notice or ON DAY OF FUNCTION/DELIVERY, the ALL MONIES PAID will be forfeited (NO REFUNDS)

If a refund is issued it will be at the discretion of management and not guaranteed.


Equipment will not be supplied without pre-payment either in-store or by phone or by Management approval prior to collection.

Extra trips to Deliver/Pickup will be charged for.
Marquee setup - if the Hirer is not onsite for setup of the marquee, we will not errect the marquee/structure without Hirer onsite. Once we have left the venue/site, we will not return to errect marquee/setup without prior arrangement outside of our existing bookings and there maybe an additional fees for return setup

The following things are recommended

  • you clean out your car,
  • bring a suitable size car for the items you are picking up. - Not a small car to pickup trestle tables and chairs as these may not fit and we only have limited tables that are folding.
  • Ropes and blankets
  • A person to help you - dont bring the whole family, the dog, the baby and the pram, make sure your car is empty.

Please ensure that all hire items are securely fastened during delivery and return to Rite Party Hire

ID is required for customer collects.

If items are broken in-transit - the Hirer will be charged a replacement fee.

The Hirer shall on completion of the hire period, ensure that the equipment is stacked carefully as it was received and packed securely in any packaging the equipment was received in when delivered. Extra charges may apply if equipment requires re-packing by delivery/pick up staff prior to transportation.  Please note - if your items are left under our marquee outside and they get stolen, Rite Party Hire will not be held responsible for your missing items.

If the Hirer decides after the items have been delivered and/or erected (marquees), that is not suitable for their requirements, the Hirer is responsible for full payment of the item installed (i.e. full payment of the erect marquee).

There will be no refunds and if another marquee is required then full payment of the subsequent marquee is required and is at the discretion of Management to return to put up subsequent marquee and there is no guarantee this will happen.

The Hirer is responsible for venue and power availability, therefore no cancellation will be accepted with regard to failure to supply

Insurance is The Hirer's responsibility during the hire period.

The Hirer is responsible for the security of the equipment at all times during the hire period. Any lost, broken, damaged or destroyed equipment will be charged to The Hirer, at full replacement value.

The Company accepts no responsibility for health or injuries, stolen or missing items if your items are left out or sustained during the hire period of the equipment (as outlined on the tax invoice).

But the Hirer is responsible for all of our items while in care during the hire period.

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