Damaged/missing or broken items

Damage to Hire Equipment during use or transportation by The Hirer is the responsibility of The Hirer and full replacement cost of the damaged equipment will be charged to the hirer.

If any time during the hire period The Hirer considers the equipment to be faulty, it is The Hirer’s responsibility to contact The Company in the first instance by telephone or in person and report the problem within 2 hours of damage/faulty. Failure to do so, or advice after use, will cause The Hirer to be responsible for all hire charges.

The Company reserves the right to repair or replace the faulty equipment as soon as practicable during the hire period to the reasonable satisfaction of The Hirer.

On no account should The Hirer attempt to repair The Equipment without prior consent of The Company.

If a marquee or equipment becomes damaged after it has been erected and is on the property of the Hirer, the Hirer is responsible for all replacement costs of the damaged marquee.

If equipment is broken, damaged or missing the Hirer during the hire period then the Hirer is responsible for replacement cost of the equipment.